Analysis on the characteristics of CNC corrugating roller grinder

CNC corrugating roller grinding machine is one of the series of grinding machines of our company. The grinding machine adopts computer numerical control technology and forming grinding technology, with advanced technology and simple operation.

The machine main machine is a mobile structure with a horizontal axis reaming head. It adopts Siemens 802DSL four-axis CNC system, which can be used for the four axes of the machine tool, namely the X axis: longitudinal movement of the table; Y axis: vertical feed of the grinding head; V axis: Diamond wheel dresser vertical movement; A-axis: workpiece rotary indexing movement for individual control or three linear axis linkage control, can automatically complete the workpiece grinding, grinding wheel dressing and compensation work cycle.

The machine tool has the characteristics of high grinding precision, good surface quality and high grinding efficiency, and realizes electromechanical integration.

The machine tool is mainly used for the grinding of corrugated rolls in the manufacturing and finishing of packaging machinery and cartons, and also for the grinding of narrow and long forming surfaces of other narrow and long parts. The machine tool can also be used for a variety of exquisite alloy steel corrugated rolls, pressure rolls and other special rolls of corrugated boxes.

The machine has the following features:

â—†The longitudinal movement of the table is driven by the AC servo motor, and the movement of the ball screw pair is directly driven by the gapless coupling. The longitudinal guide rail is a PTFE wear-resistant sliding guide.

â—†The vertical feed of the grinding head is driven by the AC servo motor. The ball screw pair is directly driven by the gapless coupling to realize the vertical movement of the carriage and the grinding head along the linear rolling guide of the column. The motor is mounted on the overhead screw type to ensure the vertical feed accuracy.

â—†The vertical movement of the top-mounted diamond roller dresser is realized by the AC servo motor driving the precision ball screw. It adopts the form of rolling guide to ensure the vertical movement accuracy.

â—†The grinding head spindle is directly driven by the variable frequency motor, and the inverter controls the variable frequency motor to ensure that the grinding wheel grinds the workpiece at the optimum constant line speed.

â—†The workbench is equipped with precise NC indexing device, which is used for automatic indexing and precise positioning of multi-groove grinding of corrugated roller parts.


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