Affected by macro-control, domestic lighting manufacturers are struggling

Affected by the state's macroeconomic regulation and control, domestic lighting and lighting businesses are struggling, and the polarization is serious. With the smooth flow of information, the e-commerce business, the flattening of the marketing channels of manufacturers, the new lighting manufacturers, the customer base of lighting and lighting businesses. Sales volume has been continuously divided, and the sales volume of traditional channels has fallen sharply. In addition, the freight rate of the shipping department has been rising, labor and operating costs have increased, while the brand lighting agency interest rate has remained unchanged. The agent operating brand lighting has been a chicken rib, lighting lighting business. They have turned to big stores.


The gross profit rate of brand wholesale regulations is 16.6, the interest rate of circulation products is lower, the comprehensive interest rate is less than 16, the freight rate can reach 3.5, and the warehouse rent can reach 20-40 yuan per square. According to the total output of a province, the monthly output is 250,000 yuan. Production) accounting, deducting freight, monthly gross income of 30,000 yuan, warehouse rent of 6,000 yuan, full-time sales of 2,500 yuan, delivery vehicle fuel costs of 2,000 yuan, drivers 2,500 yuan, library management, handling 2,500 yuan, lower-level customer reception costs 3000 Yuan, occasional business trip firefighting costs 3,000 yuan, with the manufacturers to promote large price investment 5 points, temporarily do not consider the manufacturers require merchants to be equipped with full-time business personnel; the actual monthly income is: -4000 yuan. The total generation not only invested in financial resources, but also invested in energy. At the same time, the two sides pressed the money and the two sides were angry. Therefore, more and more merchants gave up the general agent and turned to the big store management or engineering projects, making it easy and fun. The profit is considerable.
The total generation of operations is that there are already three or two brands on the market. Do one is to do, three to do, anyway, the team is still this team, the cost is so much cost, only to increase sales, can improve profitability Therefore, there will be a circle of lighting industry and even the entire business model, either big store chain retail, or small store groceries, or operating wholesale predators.
Larger and larger, smaller and smaller, this phenomenon is inseparable from the manufacturer's profit model. The small one does not dare to cross the total generation industry. The total generation can only profit by continuously inhaling the brand operation; lighting industry Will be caught in the rich and rich, no money, no money, the store is constantly in the big store for goods, impulses in the circle.

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