About 10 party sprinkler price and configuration introduction

After the reform and opening up, China’s rapid economic development has been achieved on the basis of the sacrifice of the environment. In recent years, dust storms and haze have continued to appear. China’s central and local authorities have attached great importance to the management of the environment and related departments have issued Many governance measures and evaluation methods, especially for the urban areas, have the greatest efforts. The document requires that sprinklers be sprayed three times a day on the main roads of towns and enterprises' factories. We understand that relevant departments and companies have plans to purchase sprinklers. Today, Xiao Bian introduced a medium-sized sprinkler to 10 cubic sprinklers. , I believe many of my friends would like to know the price and configuration of the 10 party sprinkler . Now Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.


First of all, we introduced the price of the 10 cubic sprinkling water tanker . We learned a lot about the production companies on this issue. We learned that the price difference between the 10 cubic sprinkling water trucks is still relatively large. The well-known regular manufacturers produce more than ordinary ones. The manufacturers are nearly 10,000 yuan expensive and their prices are about 8 to 9 million yuan. It is suggested that although each manufacturer has a similar configuration to the 10 cubic sprinkler, the gap in quality and after-sales service is too far away. If the capital of the company or the unit is good, it is recommended that you buy it from a well-known manufacturer.

After introducing the price of 10 cubic sprinklers , Xiaobian made a detailed introduction about the configuration of 10 cubic sprinklers. Its engines are all diesel engines with a power of 103 kilowatts and a displacement of 4.2T. The tanks are made of carbon steel. The chassis is of Dongfeng or Liberated Type II chassis. It is equipped with 6 nozzles and is equipped with a national standard. Power and sprinkler pumps provide power support. The sprinkler can perform front and rear spray and both sides of the spray. The maximum range of the spray is 40 meters. Then some sprinklers are equipped with pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, a full range of inlet and outlet valves, and sprinkler trays, depending on the customer's own needs.

The above is an introduction to the price and configuration of the 10 party sprinkler. I hope that after reading it, we can have a more in-depth understanding of it.

Medical Air Handling Unit

With national high requirement of indoor cleanliness control, test methold put forward by Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) and fully implementation of GMP, it is important for Air Conditioning manufacturer to control indoor air leakage ratio, suspended particles and contaminant concentration in medical industry.

To meet customerer`s requirement, constantly innovate and provide high quality air handling system, Amrta air combines years of HAVC technology experience and has launched another high efficient product. Medical purificatory Modular Air Handling Unit, which is of novel structure,perfect functions and lower leakage ratio.

Medical Purificatory Modular Air Handling Unit is Amrta's latest product with low air leakage ratio, high mechanical strength in terms of special requirements of operating clean room and other clean rooms in the field of medical treatment, chemical, food. It can efficiently control transmission of bacteria and spread of disease.Various high performance parts are exclusively equipped.

The Medical Purificatory Modular Air Handling Unit has two series: one modular air handling unit with cooling coil for water and other with cooling coil for refrigerant.

Medical air handling unittemperature, humidity, purity etc asked very accurate for some place, such as hospital, pharmaceuticals, laboratory. Medical air handling unit can meet the requirement. 

Medical Air Handling Unit

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