2013 road waterway transportation during the Spring Festival

2013 road waterway transportation during the Spring Festival On January 5, 2013, the Communications Department of the China Communications and Communications Association issued a notice requiring the relevant departments to seriously implement the 2013 road waterway transportation during the Spring Festival from 2013 to ensure that passengers are safe and convenient to travel. Eight jobs:

First, attach great importance to the Spring Festival work. Transport authorities at all levels must attach great importance to the Spring Festival travel work, strengthen the concept of “people-oriented, governing for the people”, organize carefully, plan scientifically, do a good job for the Spring Festival travel, let the people go home safely, and have a happy New Year, for the 2013 “Two Conferences” "Successfully convened to create a good atmosphere."

In 2013, the road waterway transportation during the Spring Festival was based on the theme of “Peaceful Spring Transportation”. All levels of transportation administrations should unify their ideological understanding and clearly define the division of responsibilities in accordance with the principle of “customer orientation, scientific organization, coordination and coordination, and safety and orderliness.” Ensure that the people will travel safely. The first is to establish a sound mechanism for Spring Festival travel. It is necessary to set up a leading group and offices for the Spring Festival work that are led by the leading comrades and participated by the relevant departments to unify the direction and coordination of Spring Festival travel. The second is to establish an inter-departmental coordination mechanism. It is necessary to actively coordinate with or coordinate with the departments of development, public security, safety supervision, and meteorology, and establish a cross-departmental coordination work mechanism. The third is the strict duty and leadership system. The fourth is to improve the ability to handle emergency emergencies, further improve the contingency plans for road transport during the Spring Festival, and comprehensively improve emergency transportation support capabilities.

Second, to ensure safety. The competent departments of transportation at all levels shall, in accordance with the national arrangements for the safety and stability during the holiday season, earnestly implement the relevant documents of the ministry and supervise the transport enterprises to strictly implement the safety production systems and ensure the safe and orderly operation of the Spring Festival.

It is necessary to further standardize and strengthen the management of chartered passenger transport; strengthen the management of safe production sources at bus passenger stations and passenger terminals; conscientiously carry out pilot work on long-distance passenger transport connections; further promote the road passenger safety notification system; and strengthen the monitoring of the safe production of operating vehicles; Cold and snowy and other bad weather transportation safety management; strengthen the safety management of water transportation. Li Baochun traffic safety.

Third, optimize the transport organization. Traffic authorities at all levels must strengthen the investigation, analysis and prediction of the demand for Spring Festival travel, and make preparations for transport capacity according to the characteristics of passenger flow, organize transportation scientifically, and ensure efficient and orderly transportation of roads and waterways during the Spring Festival. The first is to comprehensively carry out research on the market of road and water transportation. Scientifically analyze the travel needs of passengers during the Spring Festival travel season, and understand the arrangement of railways and civilian shipping forces in the direction of major passenger flow, formulate transportation plans scientifically, and rationally allocate transport capacity of vehicles and vessels. The second is to strengthen the real-time monitoring and dispatching of the transportation process. We must urge passenger transport enterprises to keep abreast of changes in passenger flow, adjust the density of trains, and shorten the waiting time for passengers. We must strengthen the disclosure of information to passengers and rationally channel passengers to avoid the phenomenon of passenger detention. The third is to do a good job of transport convergence. It is necessary to actively coordinate with related departments to strengthen the convergence between urban public transport, roads, waterways, railways, and civil aviation, and strive to achieve zero-distance passenger transfer. It is necessary to increase the input of urban public transport capacity for stations, airports, docks and large-scale event venues to meet passenger travel needs. The fourth is to actively organize chartered vehicles for direct transportation. Transport enterprises should go deep into the distribution centers of key passengers such as enterprises, factories, mines, schools, etc., understand the transportation needs, sell group tickets for migrant workers and students, organize chartered vehicles for direct transportation, and reduce the number of passengers transferred. The fifth is to ensure that passenger liners are in regular and punctual operation. Ports, ferries and ship locks should ensure that passenger ships are given priority for berthing, transition and passing gates.

Fourth, strengthen emergency protection. During the Spring Festival season, many uncertainties such as inclement weather and sudden increase in passenger flow occurred, and the task of emergency transport of road passenger transport was arduous. The competent transportation departments at all levels must conscientiously summarize the experience of previous years' emergency transport work, complete the emergency plan, implement various countermeasures, and comprehensively improve emergency transport support capabilities. The first is to seriously formulate emergency transport plans. The second is to make emergency transport capacity reserve. The third is to strictly control non-operating passenger vehicles to participate in the Spring Festival. The fourth is to protect the transportation of electric coal, refined oil, and production and living materials, and to focus on transportation support for key materials such as coal. Road transportation, port and shipping management departments and enterprises should optimize the allocation of vehicle and vessel capacity, speed up the turnover of vehicles and ships, and prioritize the transportation of key materials such as coal.

Fifth, ensure the smooth flow of highways and waterways. Road management agencies at all levels must strengthen the inspection and maintenance of highways, bridges, and other infrastructure. In principle, no highway repairs shall be arranged during the peak period of the Spring Festival; snow removal, de-icing equipment, and material reserves shall be strengthened, and emergency plans shall be initiated as required to effectively respond to them. The adverse weather impacts; the management of highway toll stations should be strengthened, sufficient toll gates should be opened, and the efficiency of vehicle traffic should be improved, and the phenomenon of long queues of vehicles and traffic congestion caused by highway tolls should be avoided. Ensure the smooth flow of the "green channel" network for fresh agricultural products. We will continue to strictly implement the policy of exempting tolls from legal vehicles carrying live agricultural products.

Sixth, improve service quality. The competent departments of transportation at all levels must adhere to the people-oriented principle and guide the passenger transport enterprises and passenger terminals (terminals) to provide warm and high-quality services to passengers. First, strictly implement the service standards. The second is to improve service quality. The third is to strengthen information services. The fourth is to strengthen volunteer services. Transport authorities at all levels must jointly organize trade unions, the Communist Youth League, and other organizations, and rely on the strength of industry associations to carry out volunteer services in various forms and in various forms of Spring Festival travel to better serve travelers.

7. Strengthen market supervision. Transport authorities at all levels must send more law enforcement forces to actively carry out supervision and management of the road and water transport market during the Spring Festival and maintain a good market order. The first is to regulate the conduct of transport operations. The second is to crack down on illegal operations. The third is to cooperate with the price department to strengthen the tariff monitoring work. The fourth is to seriously handle passenger complaints. The competent authorities for transportation at all levels shall announce the telephone number for complaints during the Spring Festival travel, and promptly understand and investigate the problems reflected by passengers. The fifth is to regulate law enforcement behavior. The competent departments of transportation at all levels must strengthen the training and education of law enforcement personnel, clarify the principles and standards for law enforcement, enforce strict discipline, adhere to civilized law enforcement, pay attention to investigation and evidence collection, and display a good image of the team. Sixth, it is highly concerned about the stability of the industry. Comprehensively understand the industry dynamics, take the initiative to carry out policy publicity and explanation, promptly discover and resolve industry conflicts, and actively cooperate with related departments to seriously deal with the industry's illegal aggregation and responsible persons. During the Spring Festival, we must avoid introducing policies and measures that may trigger instability.

8. Strengthen publicity and information submission. Transport authorities at all levels must actively carry out propaganda work and strive for public attention, understanding, and support. The first is to make full use of all kinds of news media to widely publicize the traffic measures and practices of the transport sector during the Spring Festival so as to enable passengers to understand the policies, service measures, and travel information for the Spring Festival travel season; and vigorously promote the spirit of hard work, enthusiastic service, and selfless dedication of the transportation cadres and staff. And advanced deeds. The second is to increase the popularity of safety knowledge. Strengthen the publicity of passenger travel safety knowledge so that passengers can acquire safety knowledge and emergency skills. The third is to give full play to the role of media supervision. For the issue of transportation safety and service reflected in media reports, it is necessary to conduct serious investigation and verification, and correct and improve those who have genuine problems. The fourth is to strengthen publicity information submission. During the Spring Festival travel period, the provincial-level transportation administration departments shall, before 9:00 each day, prepare written materials for the Spring Festival work of the previous day, including the characteristics of Spring Festival and highlights of the work, and report to the Ministry of Roads and Transport and the Water Transport Bureau. The ministry will summarize and report on the status of submission of press and publicity materials in each province (region, city).

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