Efforts will be made to improve clean coal technology and promote energy transformation and development

Pollutants generated by coal combustion is one of the major challenges that need to be overcome in the prevention and control of atmospheric environment pollution. Therefore, the voice of alternative clean energy is getting louder. However, industry experts believe that energy consumption reform is not just starting from a clean energy alternative, improving clean coal technology and focusing on the clean and efficient use of coal is also feasible. Although China's energy structure has been adjusted for many years, the share of coal is still high. With the continuous economic development, the contradiction between the energy structure and the natural environment has become increasingly prominent. The production and consumption of traditional fossil fuels have caused many environmental problems. Governance is imperative and continues to deepen. As the main force of China's energy supply, coal is the guarantee of China's energy security. It is unrealistic to completely "go to coal". So how to continue to use coal resources at the same time solve the problem of environmental pollution? In November 2016, when Premier Li Keqiang presided over the meeting of the State Energy Commission, he instructed that energy production should take the promotion of coal's clean and efficient development and utilization as the starting point and top priority for the development of energy transformation. Pay attention to the clean and efficient use of coal is to solve coal-fired pollution feasible. Clean and efficient utilization of coal is inseparable from the clean coal technology, clean coal technology is from the coal development to the use of the whole process aimed at reducing emissions and improve utilization efficiency of processing, combustion, conversion and pollution control and other new technologies. Clean coal technology points from the technical process, divided into direct coal-fired clean technology and coal into clean fuel technology, as shown in Figure 2. Direct coal cleaning technology Pre-combustion purification processing technology: including coal preparation, briquette processing and coal-water slurry technology to coal-based. Compared with other methods, coal preparation can remove most of gangue, ash, part of sulfur and other harmful impurities in coal at a relatively low cost and reduce the pollution of coal to the atmosphere. It is a technology of clean coal premise.