Gansu technology research and development to promote new energy delivery

AC and DC power transmission outside the grid is to ease the stagnation of new energy sources in Gansu important way, and technology research and development to ensure that the wind and power bundled AC and DC delivery conditions safe and stable operation of the protection. June 23, assume the important mission of the wind and fire bundled AC and DC outgoing coordinated control and security systems project into the China Electric Power Technology Progress Award reporting process. Previously, the project successfully passed the acceptance of the State Grid Corporation. This project is led by Gansu Provincial Power Company, China Electric Power Research Institute, NARI Group Co., Ltd., Xi'an Jiaotong University and North China Electric Power University. The research results of the project supported the planned thermal power construction scale of wind power generation to be reduced from 8 million kilowatts to 2 million kilowatts and effectively improved the security and stability of economic operation and control of power grid under the condition of large-scale new energy grid connection and avoided the large-scale Wind power off accident. Wind and fire bundled AC and DC outgoing coordinated control and security system project in 2012, completed by the end of 2014 all the research content and demonstration project construction. In 2014, a year of application of the project in Gansu has resulted in an economic benefit of 90.13 million yuan, equivalent to a reduction of 59.01 tons of standard coal, respectively reducing gas emissions of 154,800 tons, 502,3 tons and 437.3 tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides , While improving the utilization rate of thermal power and wind turbine units, alleviated the pressure on environmental protection in the region and enhanced the ability to optimize the allocation of energy resources. The project is based on a multi-kilowatt wind power base and fully considers Gansu's future power grid development and new energy delivery mode (that is, the Jiuquan-Hunan UHV DC and the completed UHVAC are under construction as the channel for wind power and thermal power Combined with power transmission), breaking the technical problems of mutual cooperation and coordination in the operation and control of wind turbines and thermal power units from the power end, significantly reducing the large-scale fluctuations in the output of new energy bases represented by wind power. At the same time, the project from the grid point of view, analysis of the delivery channel AC and DC power system interaction and optimization of control technology. The project integrates multiple targets such as wind power, thermal power, UHVDC and EHV exchanges into the integrated control area, integrates various data sources such as wind power measurement and forecast information, thermal power generation and overhaul plans, and grid operation. Online optimization and coordinated control, and with the help of multi-level control layer to achieve safe and stable control of wind and fire bale to send base to improve the ability to dispel intermittent new energy. This project has developed a coordinated control and security defense system for AC and DC outgoing "FengHu" bundling energy base for promotion and construction of 1 dispatch center station, 4 coordination master stations, 10 control substations and 20 Wind farm implementation of the station to achieve the Jiuquan area 71 scenery power plants and thermal power plants and 750/330 kV high voltage AC, ± 800 kV UHVDC outgoing channel control. The system put into operation can effectively control the power grid does not exceed the limit in the outgoing power to reduce outgoing power fluctuations and provide theoretical and technical support for the planning, construction and operation of large-scale wind power base to effectively enhance the capacity of the grid to accept wind power, with significant Application demonstration value.