Water source heat pump cooling and heating technology unveiled in Shanxi coal exposition

September 15, the author learned from Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial SASAC, Provincial Office of Savings and Reality held a press conference learned that a not burning coal, not burning oil, no gas, no smoke, no slag, Zero-pollution sewage water source heat pump heating and cooling integrated application of technology, to be unveiled at the upcoming coal Fair debut. This project, successfully applied by Shanxi Guorui Investment Co., Ltd., has been listed as the provincial demonstration project of energy saving by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Construction Department and listed as the top ten energy-saving demonstration projects in Taiyuan. In view of the current situation of the severe water shortage in Taiyuan and insufficient urban central heating capacity, Guorui Company took the initiative to break the traditional concept of heat supply and supply in the construction of 150,000 square meters of Guorui Garden at the southern end of Pingyang Road in Taiyuan City The world's leading source of raw sewage water heat pump technology, through the sewage treatment plant, the transducer, water source heat pump units and other core equipment, extract the temperature difference in the city's primary sewage, the sewage in the low-quality thermostatic energy "out" to achieve Community summer cooling, winter heating, hot water throughout the year to protect the "triple for" creatively "pollution" treasure into a renewable energy available for energy saving to explore a new way.